Posted Oct 27, 01:07 PM

Major difference in customer experience for iPhone vs. Android phone users

This article and chart show the dramatic difference between the software experience on iPhone vs Android phones.

Most Android phones have an outdated version of the Android OS from the start, and many of them never get updates. One of the “flagship” Android phones, which is less than two years old, can’t be updated to the newest OS. Meanwhile, even the iPhone 3GS, which is much older, can install and run the brand new iOS 5.

The conclusion the article comes to, which I agree with, is that selling Android phones is all about getting you out the door. Once you’ve bought it, they don’t really care about your experience. They might even prefer you to be annoyed by your phone so that you buy a new one more often. Apple, on the other hand, is always trying to improve the experience and pass the improvements on to as many of their customers as possible.

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