Posted Sep 21, 08:58 AM

What real SEO is all about

I love this post by Matt Gemmell:

SEO for Non-dicks

Whenever I hear someone claim to be an SEO specialist or expert, I think “scammer who is hurting the internet” and so should you. And whenever a client says to me that they need a web guy “who knows SEO” I understand that the client has been tricked by these scammers and believes he needs to do what they do.

As the above-linked post points out, the tricks of the slimy SEO industry are just that… tricks. Real, non-scammy SEO just means making good content and coding the pages properly. So when a client asks if I do SEO, the answer is yes. I code pages properly and I can help you design your content to make it better for search engines. Those are the things that matter.

Posted Aug 26, 09:08 AM

Building Apps for iOS and Android

I’m working on an app for iPhones and Android phones. That entails building the app once in Apple’s Xcode, then building it again with Android’s SDK. There is a lot of code shared between the two, but you have to use different tools for the different platforms.

Apple’s Xcode is probably the nicest programming environment there is, but it’s still a complex, non-intuitive, and buggy piece of software. But it is a joy to use compared to the Android stuff!

Posted Jul 26, 10:02 AM

Awesome critique of current news site design

I love this post by Andy Rutledge about the current state of information design on news sites and apps.
In digital media—websites in particular—news outlets seldom if ever treat content with any sort of dignity and most news sites are wedded to a broken profit model that compels them to present a nearly unusable mishmash of pink noise…which they call content.
This has been one of my biggest struggles in working with media companies. The main problem is that the people in charge of these sites don't realize how bad it is. They just want to squeeze more onto the page. The typical design of sites like these has just gotten more and more cluttered over the years. I actually consider to be one of the best-designed of the big news sites, just because it uses color in a thoughtful way. Most don't even do that.

Posted Jul 20, 09:21 AM

John Siracusa's OS X Lion Review

I've read every review Siracusa has written of OS X since the pre-release versions. There's no better way to get an expert overview of what's new. Lion is out today, and so is the review.

Posted May 20, 12:33 PM

Hype: HTML5 web animation tool

Another nail in Flash’s coffin!

Check out Hype. The gallery page has a bunch of examples.

Adobe Flash has been sub-mediocre software for a long time. I’ve been quite happy to see Apple lead the industry in abandoning support for it. It always amazes me when anyone still, in 2011, claims that Flash should be used for anything on the web.

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